Croeso i Glwb Cefnogwyr C.P. Bae Colwyn!

Welcome to Colwyn Bay FC Supporters Club!

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You will probably be aware that there are plans in the pipeline to re-launch the Supporters Club, with the aim of assisting the Football Club. Below is the first update.

As we all know, our time in the UniBond Premier League has come to an end, for the time being at least. Whilst we are all a little disappointed at our relegation, our thoughts should now be for the future. With this in mind, I have put myself in the firing line to establish a supporters club.

Over the past few weeks I have been aware of some very harsh criticism of the directors and management. Whilst I accept everyone has the right to their own opinion, I feel that some fans have been a little too critical, and have not given the chairman and directors any credit at all for what they have achieved, which is to keep the club going, when at one stage the debts were so crippling there seemed to be no way out. I know there have been a lot of unknown debts come to light which they have struggled to clear, which meant that money was not available for players of a better quality which the manager knew he needed.

Now is the time for us, as fans, to get behind the club, and the directors and help them re-establish the club as the number one team in North Wales. This is not the time to go 'slagging them off', this is the time for us, as genuine fans, to help in any way we can. Not everyone is a ticket seller, I'm not, but bodies are needed to paint the grandstands, the barriers and the fences. The whole ground needs a facelift. If 20 people helped with this project it wouldn't take long, last year 3 of us did the lot.

Before I took on the job of looking after the pitch, I was like many regulars, never giving much thought to who did the work at the club. Now I know how few are keeping this club alive, and as a long time supporter I feel, in spite of this season, they deserve our support, after all the present board is only made up of long time fans, who love the club and are doing their best. They are all just ordinary working people, not millionaires with a toy to play with. They held up their hands at a recent meeting to the fact they have made mistakes. But I would remind everyone when we were all invited to go on the board of directors, they were the only ones to put their necks on the line. Without them the club would now have been history.

Some of you have been helpful in the past, and without your help things would have been even more difficult, and I thank you for all your contributions, whether financial or otherwise. With the future in mind and with finances very much in mind, I have on behalf of the Supporters Club, decided to relaunch the monthly 'SEAGULLS DRAW', starting with the first draw on the 1st Monday in June 2003 (prize 100). If you feel you could support this fundraiser at 5 per month please get in touch for a standing order form, email, see Glyn Jabbas at the Bay stall in the Bay View Shopping Centre Precinct or see me at the ground most days. If preferred, you can pay by cash or check for the year in advance.

If anyone can help with the painting etc contact me via the above so that we can co-ordinate a date for the start. Even if you can only spare a few hours it would be very much appreciated. Also may I thank you for all the compliments I have received for the playing surface I have produced this past season. If anyone can help with the financing of the upkeep of the pitch I would be very grateful, as I have now run out of top soil and seed, also my stock of fertiliser is very low and although the pitch looks good from the side it is now showing the need for much attention this summer.

If you would like to join the Supporters Club please contact me for a membership form, annual fee is 5 this will cover the cost of producing regular news letters etc.

Many thanks,

Elfed Morris.


Don't forget that the Supporters Club stall is open as usual at the Bay View Shopping Centre throughout the summer months. (See photos below)

The stall is open between 9am and 12.30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday's. The stall will be selling various Club souvenirs as well as 50/50 tickets.

Come on the Bay!!



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